A2 Content Coming Soon!

Image © DH Leonard

The AS English exams are over, and for most people, this year’s exams are either finished or coming to a close.

We’ve had a few people request that we continue blogging when we start the A2 content next year (although we will actually be starting it at the end of this year), which we are happy to do – however, we’ll still be called AS English Blog, and we’ll still leave all of our existing posts on the blog for anyone who needs them. We will create a new A2 category where you will be able to find all posts specific to A2.

We will be studying the same texts next year as we have done this year (FrankensteinThe Handmaid’s TaleA Streetcar Named Desire and Poems of the Decade), with the addition of Shakespeare’s Othello, and a collection of Romantic poetry (we’ll find out the exact collection soon).

See you soon! We will still be checking the blog in the meantime, so feel free to ask any questions if you have them.

~ Beth, Ella and Hadiyah