Ode On a Grayson Perry Urn – Revision Notes

Image: Grayson Perry © BBC Radio 4


Beauty – the poet questions how beauty is defined in our society and what true beauty means.

Materialism – in this day and age our society has become materialistic and obsessed with vanities and this is emphasised by the poet through the endless references to brands or objects that are well known – particularly to British society: ‘Burberry clad louts…Manchester to Motherwell or Slough…Daily Express’. These nouns all have connotations associated with Western Society. All of the vanities mentioned in the poem, in time, they will no longer matter as they will continue to exist, after we have left this world.

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The Gun – Revision Notes

Image © Dakota L (Wikimedia)

The Gun by Vicki Feaver explores one of the most controversial issues in our society: guns. This poem is about Feaver’s own personal experience; she recollects the time when her husband brought home a gun. Feaver was brought up in Brixton, Central London and she ‘sometimes heard gunshots’ but ‘never actually saw a gun’. Now the poet lives in Scotland in a rural area of the country and therefore she saw more guns. It was only when her own husband purchased a gun and brought it home did her attitude towards guns change.

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The Deliverer – Revision Notes

Image: Adoption© Huffington Post

‘The Deliverer’ by Tishani Doshi starts at a convent in Kerala, India where abandoned children live (due to disability, skin colour or the fact they are girls). It is the speaker’s mother’s job to ‘deliver’ a baby to her adoptive family in America, who are waiting at Milwaukee USA. They raise her and she grows into a woman but there is sadness in the poem from the speaker’s mother who had to leave the baby behind.

The title could have two different meanings as to who is the deliverer…

  1. The person who biologically delivers the baby
  2. The person who delivers the abandoned babies to new homes

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Pearson Edexcel Example Essays – POETRY

Image © Bigstock

When it comes to writing essays, it can be really hard to know how to structure them because you cannot keep the style from GCSE, it’s just not complex and sophisticated enough. You may also not know how to write a great introduction or conclusion!

You may have noticed that there are a couple of A grade sample essays that we have been set by our teacher and put up on this blog to help you. But we know that not everyone is aiming for or will be able to write at A grade so Edexcel has provided a document with 5 example essays which were awarded various grades/levels, which not enough students know about.

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The War Correspondent – Revision Notes

Image: Gallipoli© Prisoners of Eternity

‘The War Correspondent’ is a collection of 7 poems written by Ciaran Carson, all of which (bar one) are set in Crimea at the time of the Crimean War (1854-1856), which bridged a British/French alliance against Russia for influence in the Far East. In ‘Poems of the Decade’ there are only poem 1 ‘Gallipoli’ and poem 4 ‘Balaklava’. They are named after particularly infamous battles. The context of this ‘poem’ is essential to appreciating the meaning behind it and therefore it is important to understand the background behind these battles and what people were fighting for.

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