A Leisure Centre Is Also a Temple of Learning – Revision Notes

Image: Aphrodite© Ancient Origins

‘A Leisure Centre Is Also a Temple of Learning’ by Sue Boyle explores the ideas of the youth of women and how they the female form changes with ages and the challenges this brings. It is descriptive and has a lot of dream/mythological imagery that aids the picture of this beautiful woman. It uses the contrast of the modern setting of a leisure centre and this shows how outer beauty does not last forever, it is superficial perhaps. The title of the poem encapsulates the lively dynamic of tying together the secular and religious, the modern and the ancient, by describing a leisure centre as a ‘temple’ which is unusual and instantly intriguing.

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Inheritance – Revision Notes

Image: House © Prestige Tax and Trust Services Blog

Inheritance is by Eavan Boland and explores the idea of what parents pass down to their children whether it be materialistic or an intangible quality such as motherhood. We studied it as 1 of 4 poems out of the Poems of the Decade anthology relating to ‘Relationships’, this may be what the exam question asks about, or it could be something different – we just don’t know! That’s why you have to prepare for every eventuality, hopefully this post will help…

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Material – Revision Notes

Image: Vintage Fine Lawn Rose Pattern Embroidered © @lizzylovesvintage

Material is by Ros Barber and is about the changing role of a mother in the family unit. The speaker contrast her mother with the way she looks after her children now. It is a personal poem that concentrates on one woman’s experience of realising the importance of a mother figure in a child’s life and the nostalgia surrounding this and things from the past. The poem moves from this past into the present and a consideration of the narrator’s own role as a mother and how this differs from the experience of earlier generations.

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