History – Revision Notes

Image: West Sands, St. Andrews © Welcome to Scotland

Excerpt From History by John Burnside

St Andrews: West Sands; September 2001
     as we flew the kites
- the sand spinning off in ribbons along the beach
and that gasoline smell from Leuchars gusting across
the golf links;
               the tide far out
and quail-grey in the distance;
jogging, or stopping to watch
as the war planes cambered and turned
in the morning light - 
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Another Sample Essay on Human Relationships

Image: © Ivi Pivetta

This essay is on the same question as Ella’s (Compare the ways in which the poets explore human relationships), but is about two different poems – Eat Me by Patience Agbabi and Material by Ros Barber. My teacher said that the comparison between the poems in this essay (AO4) was strong.

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~ Beth